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chriscappuccino said: YES

You’re an enabler and I’m going to do it. 
I’ve got friday free and I have to clean up my wardrobe anyway so ;3

thecapedraccoon replied to your post: I have a new thought today! Do you think bird people would have different feet from normal people (wider?) to help with landing? I dont think theyd need talons or clawed feet, as they wouldnt be landing on trees. -BPA :>

theyd probably need elevators or something for birds who cant fly well do to disability/havent learned yet/age etc etc?

Dee is on the ball about bird people elevators!

thecapedraccoon replied to your post: ~

~(^V^~)_ whooo bird person anon fan club ha ha


thecapedraccoon replied to your post: thecapedraccoon replied to your post: I am so…

ha ha no this isnt me!! I would have mentioned snacky or chives by now if it was!! But theyre really cute and Im glad you have such an A+ anon!!

I can’t believe I forgot the time you sent me all those impulse related pick up lines.
Max/chives otp (god we have some chives in the fridge and when I saw them I thought of max…)

Bird Person Anon (BPA) you have another fan!

(We’re gunna do it.
We’re gunna start the bird person anon fandom!)

schizoauthoress replied to your post: god actually one day I want to do pastel…

Its pastel goth. Anyone trying to do grunge these days is going to do it wrong, grunge is over.

Thank you for getting my facts straight!

my education in sub-genres and fashion is severely lacking.

I’m really glad they choose to be in my askbox becaue whenever I see them it’s just really fun and cute!!!
I really like them!!!!
dc really doesn’t like giving mark waid money right now so reprinting his work seems unlikely
i was going to mention possible bad blood between mark waid and dc comics but I wasn’t sure if I was correct so thank you for mentioning this!!
but hey flash fam anon here is some information from the lovely gwen!

thecapedraccoon replied to your post: <sound of man dying>

aaaah what a really good start!! also dang those hands!!!

ahhh thanks!! u dont knwo how long I stalled on doing this fucking picture because of those hands


I think i’m almost finished the lineart and then the colouring afterward is jut ;—-;
i almost didn’t make htis post but i wanted to make the caption joke/comment

thecapedraccoon replied to your post: sudden need to watch high school musical 2 

!!! Ive the strongest urge to watch the last movie, Ive never seen it!!! We should plan a skype/or stream movie night!!

WE SHOULD!! we have the ability; we have the power

yessss (I think we could do it on ive heard that’s a good website)
 idk tho
But we need to do this

rebellatrix replied to your post: tripledrycap replied to your post: I need to get…

As a fellow needle-phobic, I more than empathize& :/

part of my mind is actually going ‘no you don’t really need to find out if you are at danger of getting clotting thta’s not nessessary at allll’
it’s kind of ridiculous

tripledrycap replied to your post: I need to get a blood test sometime soon…

ugh, I know that feel. Ive been having issues that I really should see a doctor about, but I have no insurance, so it could cost me hundreds of dollars, maybe more if I need more tests and/or procedures, so Im using webMD and over-the-counter drugs

It’s less about money worries (although all the tests Im getting are going to cost a bundle) then just I…. really hate needles.

Ive managed to avoid getting a blood test for two decades when I really should have gotten one but now that I need to get it its’ really just… wow I always forget how much i hate needles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Im kind of freaking out i guess??????? even though mum says I can take a sedative and shit i just.. god chrit i don’t want to get a blood test.
Really really don’t want a blood test.

omg omg
SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tripledrycap replied to your post: i watched the swimming anime yeah okay

Is there an actual episode now? Or did you watch the commercial? Id like to watch the first episode, if for nothing else than to learn all the characters names so I can know what to put in my blacklist lolol

I have no idea if there’s an actual episode I just happened upon the commercial and decided to watch it and..

yeah okay. w/e

I think it was never supposed to be a real show ?? but because of all the hype it’s going to get an anime produced idk i know nothign abotu swimming anime sorry. I have failed you.

Mar 7
Given what they were…fed, they would have been put down by the authorities in any case. Which doesn’t help, I know.
Why though?
I mean I know nothign about dogs but tht doesn’t really make sense to me. Does their… food… have any effect on them or w/e?
thecapedraccoon replied to your post: fyeahlilbit2point0 replied to your post: Im so…

you love it don’t lie ;)

No it’s terrible and hard and ffpfpf *lays down why this* (I’ll admit it’s somewhat enjoyable… >.>)