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Oct 1
if anything that made me want to eat a spoon of honey. stopping to appreciate it first, of course.

yeah like im not going to let these hard bee’s work go to waste

I don’t know what this means but it’s beautiful

i posted the article to facebook but ill post it here too

this article was posted in the Illawarra Mercury in 1935. I used it for a presentation and it is my FAVOURITE THING

Jun 2
aaaand this is why they were an effective opposition but an uninspiring government ladies and gents

yeah its super easy to be an opposition when ur standpoint is literally ‘not what she said’… this is really good at explaining too

im saving this to look at later because rn im not very /here/

the interest rates thing will affect us directly. but I’m not sure. maybe? I can’t afford upfront so I haven’t looked into it as an option. SEE, THIS IS ALREADY AFFECTING PEOPLE’S UNI CHOICES THIS IS SO WRONG

i don’t mean upfront but like… paying off an amount of loan that has built up over three years 

i just don’t want this stuff hanging over me for too long you know?

Basically: Government is removing regulations of uni fees. Government is taking away 20% of their funding to unis. Government is also increasing the interest we’ll pay on our fee loans.


Lolol I’m doing five lolol

every semister i end up dropping the ball on at least one subject and im like ‘hey u know what might fix this??? maybe if i did three subjects????’ but mum is like lol no 

australia: where you can be a bigot and a knight

a knight in red speedos

god that speech was all just ‘yeah racism is bad but sometimes u gotta lay down the FACTS man” ugh fuck

like if u look at that sentence construction he literally just said that the things that offended people were racist and they were okay to say/true. 

Abbott is an anti-sj blogger i KNEW IT

Mar 7
oh my god it’s so shitty what wow what

my discovery of this shitty meme page is so FANTASTIC

this is so great. 

Feb 3
there are few things that totally kill someone’s credibility in my head. Calling women ‘bitch’ and telling rape jokes are included.

im kind of on the fence about women using it because in a lot of cases its as a reclaimed slur but haha after hearing ‘Bitch’ used too many times in an angry negative way I just.. can’t… nope. I wont’ do it. I really don’t like it.

(if u ever want to kill ur credibility with me suggest that everyone is sexual and that is a natural thing. just. dead. dead in the water, look there is ur credibility.) (although I’m usually willing to give the benefit of the doubt that ur just…. aware. it makes me roll my eyes  so frickin hard)

Feb 1
bird. bird. birdbirdbirdbirdbird machine

i love how the rest of the song is just bird tweets. like the humans were like ‘take it from here birds. u got it. u go birds.’ 

Feb 1

youtube. com/watch?v=KKRJpcBcKBw this is the song that plays in my head every time you talk about bird things

this is so important and im so glad. thank you for bring this to my attention. time to set youtube to auto loop and jam

kiva!!!!!! you recycle the money through loans to people who need funds for like, small businesses and education and stuff. and donations are anything from 25.


It’s okay. Everyone fails something. You get through it. If I can, you can :)

its not unexpected at all btu still haha. ha


Dec 5
Wow, you are an inspiration

Here I am, killing a hippy with my bare pumice

And here I am with my history teacher, granting her freedom from destruction due to my MAD RESPECT for her