Captain Kara Zor-El

Dec 8

rebellatrix replied to your post: I feel i need to join the ‘i made a fool of myself…

man, you should seen us this past summer. I was a wreck in fron of Marv Wolfman and George Perez, and my sister and I lost our shit over how awesome Fraction and DeConnick were. WE WERE SUCH DORKS BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO NICE OK.

im sure they thought you were EARNEST and COMPLETELY WONDERFUL (because it is true you totally are)

seriously i’ve sworn off meeting celebrities because of this. (except mike mignola because i’m determined to have an intelligent conversation with him)

I have made the conclusion that absolutely nothing will stop me from making a complete fool of myself in any circumstance in my life, so why should i stop doing it in front of people i respect and admire??

I mean im already embarassing myself in front of people i respect on tumblr so why not in real life toooooo