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this essay seems too damn easy to write and idk if that just means i know a lot and im confident with the material or im just not trying hard enough. 

sometimes i think of all the varying ways things could have turned out shitter than in canon in atla and im like ‘wow thats super shitty tho’

imagine if rohan had bears instead of horses

rohan warriors riding bears into battle

the goddamn rohan riders tho?? yeahhh

eowyn being followed into battle by giant bears im there for it

things that are mildly upsetting;

if zuko had never gotten banished he probably would have been groomed to serve as a puppet leader while Azula continued to manipulate shit behind the scenes. 

lotr would be so much better if the king of rohan had four bears tho

*looks at the four bears gifset*

*starts laughing again*


this is the best thing i’ve ever made 

loving my recent trend of horrible self sabotage lmaoooo *high fives everyone while running away from my responsibilities*

okay but can we please… when it comes to Aragorn as both Legolas AND Gimli’s best man…..

that he would have to help them both…. plan….. the wedding……

may god have mercy on this poor soul

Amok Time Fight Music
Star Trek




this fanfic is so ooc holy shit but im

im such trash……..

… so trash




a moment of silence for all the fanfiction lost to the ravages of time, unsalvageable even by the wayback machine, condemned to its final resting place in the deactivated archives of fansites for now-syndicated television shows

rest in bytes my dear lemons and limes

LEGEND OF KORRA is a fucking inspiration because remember how shit that first season was?????

and look at where we are now

*cries tears* look at where we are

my eyes hurt and everything is fuzzy to look at holys SHIT i ahve to take a break from the computer hahahaaa